My Best Electric Garage Heater With Remote Thermostat Reviews

This cold season is the perfect time to have this electric garage heater with remote thermostat, 2017-2018. You should start shopping and checking it early around late summer like end of October.

This way you will have enough time to find the right one that will fit your needs. It is great to have it warm and be comfortable when we use it for exercising, workshop or other activities we are using our garages for. electric garage heater with remote thermostat

I remember last year’s winter, I almost froze when I went to my garage started my car to go to work. Sometimes on weekends I have to clean my car and vacuum the interior. My hands were freezing and can hardly hold the vacuum cord of the machine.

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Now, this time I am set to finally make my garage warm to prevent the cold air around it from happening again.

What is the most efficient electric garage heater to have? Is it hanging or wall mounted type better? Or another question you might have in mind, “should I get the 110v, 120v, 220v volt? Is it good to have a 7500, 8500, 9000 watt electric garage heater?”.


It is better to find and compare the good and efficient electric garage heaters before we make our final decision as to which to purchase. Below are some of the best ones where you can compare and make your final decision.

Is it good to have features like with digital thermostat, installed wall mounted or hanging? Electric space or gas operated garage heaters? Which is the most efficient electric garage heater? In my opinion, I would consider getting an electric garage heater with remote thermostat.




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  • The best feature about this is that, you can control the thermostat remotely. You can operate it without touching, even if you are far away from the device.
  • You can easily mount this distinctive heater in the ceiling or wall of your garage or basement.
  • You will not worry about its operation being interrupted because it has a strong material that protects and embeds the motor. In addition, it also has a built-in special timer.
  • Forget the weak and shabby heater and replace it with this durable 240V with 4700/7500W electric garage heater.
  • It has 5 adjustable metal flat strips so that you can have a free flowing ventilation.

2. NewAir G73

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  • Imagine you turn on your garage heater and go away for awhile, then came back and saw that your garage room is extremely warm. This type of garage heater has a system that shots off automatically when your heater reached a very high temperature. This feature makes it secure to use.
  • It is built with a strong stainless metal that will endure for a long time. It is a plus to know that it has a firm material to do its heating job.
  • It can make a 500 square feet room warm and comfortable. Sometimes I do my arts and crafts in my garage. Now I will be happy to work there and enjoy creating. This is great to use for shops, work place and garages.
  • It is advisable that you get a help from an experienced electrician to install it in your garage. This is a 240 volt heater and it needs 30 amp circuits to put it together.
  • It has a powerful fan that distributes the warm air uniformly. You can even utilize this on the days that are extremely cold.

3. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988

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  • This device has a versatile use because it can be utilized not only in your garage but also in your basement or any room that you use for workshop. This industrial machine heating device is also for construction or commercial site.
  • It reaches to a temperature span of about 45 to 95 degrees fahrenheit.
  • If you have a big room this is perfect for you. This machine can heat up a space up to 600 sq feet. When it has excessive heating it shots off by itself for security.
  • I love this part when it says that it has a thermostat control from low to high with a wattage of 5600W and 240V / 208V.
  • It has a fan that brings a warm air consistently.

4. Fahrenheat FUH54 240-Voltelectric garage heater with remote thermostat

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  • If your garage and basement are too cold during winter season and you can’t do any activities inside, this heater device is perfect for you.
  • Stop buying the undependable heaters but instead get this one. If you want something strong, durable and long-lasting this machine is what you need.
  • It is flexible to install either in vertical or horizontal position because it has an integrated ceiling reinforcement.
  • You will love to have this because you can position the flexible fan blades to bring the warm air to your preferred area.

5. Stelpro Garage Heater

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  • This heater can heat even a big garage up to 500 sq. ft. Whatever is your purpose to use the garage for: as a shop or to park your car, it is guaranteed that you will have a warm and convenient place.
  • It will be easier for you to know the temperature in the garage because it has a thermostat that you can attach on the wall where you can easily see the correct temperature.
  • You won’t be in a danger of overheating because this type of garage heater automatically turns off when it gets excessively hot.
  • It is made of superior material steel that is very strong and will last for a long time. This garage heater is fully operated with electricity.

6. Dimplex DGWH4031

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  • I love the feature where it has an automated process to regulate the temperature. You don’t have to worry about calculating the right heat in a particular area of the room.
  • This electric heater is use in your garage and not only for that but can be used also in your basement, workshop, storage buildings or construction sites. This is operated with a fan that strongly blows warm air through a stainless steel component.
  • It can be connected to the ceiling or wall using the included reinforcement accessories. It has swing around panes to push the direction of the warm air to the area you desire.
  • It handles fan lags to cut down electric expense which means it is economical. It shots off by itself when it reached a very hot temperature for security.


electric garage heater with digital thermostat

It is wise to find out first the size of the electric garage heater that would fit your space. If you have not done this before getting it, you might be paying a big electric bill because you will be generating more electric energy to perform in a garage that is too big or too small for the heater that you bought. It is advisable to do a quick measure of your garage before buying.

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There are two kinds of garage heaters, electric and gas heaters. Gas heaters are measured according to BTU which is called the British Thermal Units and electric heaters are measured according to WATTS.

The simplest way to measure the size of the garage heater that you will buy is to know this main knowledge. Always put this to find out the capacity, 10 watts per square foot of space. Example for a garage space of 30 ft. x 30 ft. will give 900 square feet and with this, you need a garage heater of 9000 watts capacity.


most efficient electric garage heater

Most of the time we really need our garage to be warm and comfortable. We want it to be in that way especially when we are doing something inside, like working on our car or just using it as a workshop room.

In this situation we want a warm garage room, however there is one factor to consider that we have to accept the fact that our monthly electric bill cost will increase. I don’t mind if it does raise my expense as long as my garage is warm. And it is not going to be a lot of money, so don’t panic.

We have to consider that having an electric car garage system heater is less expensive than by gas or propane, however it is more expensive to manage. Using an electric garage heater generally is costly and about a few percent more than the gas moved by air.


We all want a warm space in our garage so that inside we can be relaxed, feel warm and cozy, but back in our minds we have a concern about its safety. It is generally known that getting this garage heater run by electric is far more reasonable than the gas operated heaters.

One of the greatest aspects of this are, it does not allow you to vent any gas vapor and you won’t put any extra money to get the natural gas, because it is electrically powered.

Having a comfortably heated garage is the best decision to make. To sum up, it is really a great idea to have your garage warm by choosing this electric garage heater with remote thermostat. By now you can decide for yourself to get the best for you.


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