My Only Best Dogtra Element 300m Shock Behavioral Collar Reviews

This Dogtra Element 300m training collar is very important to have with our pet dogs especially if they demonstrate some behavioral problems that are hard to correct this year 2017-2018.

Having a dog is great but if she is always giving you some troubles it is time to get this collar to correct her bad attitudes. This is my best remote trainer that you will be happy to have for smaller dogs.

Another type called Dogtra 3502ncp Super X is also something great for dogs bigger than 20 lbs or higher.

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dogtra element 300m dog remote trainer

In this post, you will find out how good is this type of collar and what are the benefits it can give your dog especially in helping you train it and change their bad action habits. You will also find out my review and other peoples’ reviews about this product. How good it is that you won’t resist not to get it.


Imagine if your pet dog runs to your door, tears off most of the mails while the mailman puts them in and suddenly you woke up while taking a nap. You just can’t rest and annoyed about her behavior.

This could provoke an unpleasant confrontation between your neighbor. I was walking outside my house one day and suddenly a small black dog kept on barking on me and ran towards me and almost bit me.

I stopped walking and got scared that the dog will bite me. In my mind I got mad at the dog’s owner because she is the one responsible of her dog’s behavior. She should be doing something to stop her dog’s bad attitude but she just ignored it. I almost shout at her in an angry tune but I’m glad that I didn’t.

Another scenario is, you just arrived in your house and saw a spot of urine in your living room. Well, I’m sure no one likes to have that in the floor. To make the story worst what if you saw a poop! I hate that and most of us hate it too.


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If this is happening almost all the time, it becomes very unpleasant. Our lives with our pet become miserable. We love our dogs and we want them to be around us and enjoy them. Dogs are intelligent and when trained well they will be able to stop their bad behaviors.

best dog shock collar

We us the dog owner should actually train them but, it is hard to do it and difficult to find time especially when we are working and have hundreds of household chores to do.

It is great to find that someone have a genius mentality to be able to invent such an amazing product which is this excellent dog collar trainer, Dogtra Element 300m.


If you have a dog that is about 15 lbs or up, this type of dog collar is perfect. It is a a dog collar kind that do not permit strong stimulation. For those who have heavy dogs, don’t worry, because this is also good for big dogs.

If your dog is not so aggressive or does not show any complex behavioral problems, this is good for you. Sometimes our dogs are confused of some little things, like where to pee or when not to bark or have other small behavior problems. What I can say is that get this collar immediately. It is awesome!

Most of the time we are worried if we are far away from our dog because we need to continue and manipulate this gadget so that we don’t disrupt our training with our dog, but actually even if we are not near our dog this collar works. At around ½ mile distance this will still work. We can call this the dogtra element 300m dog remote trainer. This makes our life with our pet much easier!

I don’t like the idea that when the battery is low or showed up that it is empty I have to run to the store and buy a new one. This is not like that! It can be recharged easily and your dog training is not disrupted too long!

You can choose whether you want the temporary stimulation with “nick” or the continuous one to get the attention of your dog. This is a great part of this training collar to make your dog behave.


If your dog suddenly dived into a canal full of water, nothing to worry because, if she is using this kind of dog, it is waterproof and water resistant.

Isn’t it annoying if suddenly you are walking your dog, then a car came and she started barking right away.

Then you started pressing the button to get her attention to make her behave but unfortunately discovered that her collar does not have a battery.

Well your problem is solved because there is a way to find out if the battery is still full or not.

Guess what, it also has a pager where you can call or talk to your dog easily without having difficulty in communicating.

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I can say that this Dogtra Element 300m training collar is the best dog collar to train your dog’s bad behavior more than any other kinds. The ones with cheap price are not as good as this one. Just add a few more dollars to have it to your dog. It is worth getting it!


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