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I thought about driving out of town and bring my small dog with me without the knowledge about the importance to have one of the best dog car seats, 2016.

best dog car seats

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As I drove my car in my town to the park, I was so happy to have with me my little Yorkshire Terrier since this is the first time after so many months that I have not bring her out to enjoy the park.

Not knowing the importance of protecting my dog I have her in my car without any protection.

Talking about the protection of our dogs, we also have to think about protecting our cars. One of the smartest thing to get to do that is the dog car seat covers.

To make me feel confident and secured I placed my dog in my lap while I am driving which I thought that this is the safest thing to do. She is a tiny hairy golden brown dog and she is easy and comfortable to have here in my lap.

Doing this I know that she will not be able to be free to walk around my car or jump out in the window.


  • Protects your dog from hitting the interior parts of your car when accidents happen
  • Helps you focus in your driving while your dog is in the car
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the interior of your car specially the seats and the floor
  • Makes your dog feel comfortable while traveling inside the car
  • Prevents your dog from walking inside your car and causing distractions

The truth is, placing her in my lap while I am driving is not a good idea and a safe way to do. If something happened like an accident she might be smushed between my chest and the steering weel.

She could have also be thrown around the car or hit someone inside my car. She could also distruct me while I am driving if she happens to jump away from my lap.


Get This For Your Car

Having said this, it is really very important to have car seat for your dog in your vehicle. This will protect your dog inside your car while you are driving.

It will prevent her from walking around. It will protect your car from getting dirty of unexpected dog pees or poops. And most importantly it will give safety to your dog, to the people that are inside the car and yourself.

I encourage you to get a dog car seat for your small or large pets. It does not matter if you have leather or regular car seats.

Just get it! I basically love the snoozer console type because with its patented design, it has a soft fury texture that makes your dog feel comfortable and with a deep back, it helps prevents your dog from jumping.

There are the great ones that you can choose from. The price are reasonable and not expensive. It is important first to get more information and read some of the reviews before purchasing.

This way you can decide for yourself what fits your kind, the color and design that will match your car and most importantly you will read some of the peoples’ great experiences using it.

Buy now and get it as soon as possible! You will be glad that you did. You can get these great useful items of best dog car seats at some of the stores like: Amazon, Walmart and Petsmart, etc.


Click the link at the very bottom to read more information about these products.

1.) Snoozer Lookout Car Seat 

best dog car seats

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I finally had a few days time off from work and spend quality time with my dog. We are planning to go in a park about few miles away from my house.

I made sure that she has a protection in my car so I got her the Snoozer Look Out Pet Car Seat. This has a wool texture inside to make her feel comfortable and safe during our trip.

When I was buying it online I was given many choices of colors to choose from and of course I picked the blue one that suits my car’s interior and my favorite of all colors. She looks cute with that color by the way.

I’m glad that I bought it because aside from the protection she is getting I also got for her separate accessory called Lookout Travel Rack where she can have water and food in a separate pocket while we travel.


2.) Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat for Cars

best dog car seats

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Don’t let your dog be alone in your house. It is time to have a long trip with your dog. To enjoy her company to the fullest, I advise that you get this Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat for cars.

This one fits up to a 30 lb. dog with metal parts that will secure your dog safely. In addition, the best thing is that, this is waterproof on the outer part which means you can maintain it clean and you can disassemble and keep it if you are not using it. And you can also put them together fast and safely.

To avoid your dog from moving around you can easily connect the dog seat belt tether to any harness. And guess what, you will be happy to know that it has pockets on sides to keep food and toys.


3.) For Your Dog – A Metal Frame Construction Pet Booster Seat

best dog car seats

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This pet booster seat is amazing because it makes your dog seat comfortable while keeping their hair in one place.

If you are in a hurry it won’t be a problem because its straps attaches fast and securely.

Most of the dog seats for cars get dirty easily and with this type, you won’t have difficulty in cleaning because it has a removable metal frame.

This has an ideal size for small dogs which holds up to 20 lbs. and can be used in back seat with headrest that is detachable.

This will indeed make your dog safe and secure.


What are you waiting for! Get one of the best dog car seats now for your dog’s safety. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


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