My Best Dogtra 3502NCP Super X Shock Collar Reviews

best shock collar for big dogsThis Dogtra 3502NCP Super X is my best shock collar for big dogs and I believe will finally solve your problem in training your dog that is naturally aggressive this year 2017. Scroll down below and you will also discover this model Dogtra 3500NCP Super X which is considered as one of the excellent dog collar trainers.


Below are some of the similar situations that you probably had experienced before in your life with your pet dog. Check them out and see if they sound familiar.

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This is completely unforgettable! A dog like a golden retriever was constantly digging one of the corner spot in your yard.

You were compelled to scream constantly not to do it but unfortunately after going back from your house cooking for your family’s dinner, you checked and found out that there she was again.

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Coming back from your work you saw some wooden chips on the floor and wondering what it was. Surprisingly enough you found out that this material came from the foot of your high-end furniture chair.


You were driving your car happily and excited to get to your destination when suddenly you heard a dog barking and seems like she was right behind your car wheel. Without stopping to drive, you saw the dog’s head from your car window and she almost jump into your car.


What if you stepped on a wet floor after running from your kitchen to answer your house phone. Walking back to your kitchen you saw your dog seemed like she was hiding behind your living room chair and you realized it was her that peed on the floor.

Another instance was you were taking your dog to a pet groomer, so you took her inside your car to bring her there. You opened your car door and discovered that your car seat was wet with her pee.


You were preparing your lunch and went to the table to put the plates with steaks, spoons and forks, glasses with juice, etc. Then you went back to the kitchen quickly to get the bowl of salad and going back to the dining table, you noticed that one steak was missing on the plate. Looks like there is a dog guilty of this missing steak.

These are just a few of the many bad behaviors of dogs. Don’t worry, right now it is not impossible to correct their behaviors. With this new dog shock collar trainer system, all of this unpleasant dog attitude can be changed and corrected little by little.

Below you will find some of the best dog training collars that will help you in training your dog to change their unpleasant actions to be better.

dogtra 3502ncp super x



  1. This Dogtra 3502NCP Super X is a great and intelligent invention! It corrects the dog’s bad behaviors, especially those that are severe and seem impossible to change. I can say that this is the highest and brilliant device to train the dog and make them behave nicely.
  2. You probably wonder if your big built dog can have this collar. Yes, absolutely, this is for 20 lb. or bigger dogs.
  3. It is created to perform profound training to meet the maximum discipline for your dog to get its full attention to know that she has to stop her bad behavior.
  4. This kind of collar, Dogtra 3502NCP Super X, can be used also for two dogs. This is a great advantage for people with 2 pet dogs.
  5. How far can the transmission reach? It can reached a one mile area. Imagine if your dog ran away from your house and worried if she will be behaving in the street? Whatever is your worry, as long as she has the collar in her neck and she is within the one mile range, it is fine.
  6. If you have a pool in your house and your dog suddenly jumped in, this gadget is waterproof and will be in a safe condition. In addition, when you stimulate the collar you will reach to 127 diverse degrees of repeated attempts.
  7. You have also the choice of using the vibration option if the situation suits for that need especially if you want your dog to really focus on the specific bad behavior that you want her to change or you can use the page mode if that fits your need.
  8. This is also good for delicate dogs because it has a way to make a moderate stimulation. Great if you have a softer non violent dogs. They don’t need a harsh action to call their attention.
  9. Sometimes it is hard to know the status of the battery and stimulation but with this type of collar trainer it is much easier because it has an LCD that glows which shows this information.


dogtra 3500ncp super x

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  1. This type of collar training for dogs have many added uses which will help you and your dog communicate. In addition this model is one of the finest and popular in training collars.
  2. It has 127 levels of repeated way to get your dog’s attention with also 1 mile distance range.
  3. Simple way to control the manipulation with the accessible rheostat meter.
  4. This model is also for an intense training position which will totally help teach your dog the correct manner.
  5. You have the option to use vibration or pager to communicate with your pet.

If your dog is small and not aggressive try this other model Dogtra Element 300M. It is perfect for this type of dogs.

These collar trainers called Dogtra 3502NCP Super X and dogtra 3500ncp super x, are indeed great tools to have when your dog is aggressive and big. They have many great options on how to operate them and will surely help in changing your dog’s bad behaviors.


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