The Best Air Conditioner Heater Combo Reviews-Portable, Window or Wall Unit

air conditioner heater combo It is great to know that a portable air conditioner heater combo is now available. The amazing thing about this is that, you can have a machine that does the two purpose heater and air conditioner in one unit for your house.

It is important to get ready and plan ahead of time before winter or summer comes. Doing so you will avoid the worries of buying it late and the hassle of preparing your home to live comfortably in cold or warm weather.

To find out what is best for your home I encourage you to read on and check its benefits and features. I would recommend that you get this type of combination heating and air conditioning units. I can say that this is the best invention that has ever been created. Very convenient with two purposes in one.

There are many kinds to choose that will suit your interest and will look good in your room. You have the choice to buy electric portable machines, wall mounted, window or ductless, dimplex fireplace insert for heating or cooling units in small and large sizes.

My Experience

I remember when I bought a portable heater last winter. I was so happy
to buy it and placed it in our living room. My problem of cold temperature inside my house was solved.

A few months later summer came and the heat almost suffocated my family. Being inside my house became so uncomfortable that I literally have to run quickly to the nearest store and grab a lightweight and easy to carry air conditioner.

The disadvantage was, I have been back and forth running to the mall to get these machines. To sum up, I wasted my time and money spending for two machines in a year.

I am very happy to discover now that I can purchase one machine that have the functions of both heating and air cooling system. I won’t have the trouble that
I experienced before.

Underneath this article you will learn some benefits of having this new machine that operates for air conditioner and heater combo. I am very sure that you will also be very happy to have this brilliant device.

best portable air conditioner heater combo


1. Check this Whynter Double Hose

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  • It has the best feature where you have the three great uses: dehumidifier, air conditioner and fan. With these in one you will be comfortable and at ease while this is operating in your room.
  • It will make your life easier because along with this it has a thermostat with a timer that is programmable all day and can be read digitally.
  • It has a plastic window container that can operate with remote control. It has an air filter that is made of carbon and comprise with a pre-filter that can be washed.
  • You will love this! It has a space of 101 pints daily to dehumidify plus 3 fans velocity which will help remove the excessive humidity in your room.
  • It also consist of expandable gadget, absorption hose and window unit.

2. See this Honeywell Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

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  • You will love the silent operation of this machine and its forceful flow of air.
  • There are 3 levels of velocity, on and off timer with computerized control system.
  • It has a very soft and sensitive controls, computerized LED window and complete duty remote control.
  • It has a big area to make a room cool which is up to 550 sq ft. and it dehumidifies in a great way.
  • It has a built-in heat pump with 14000 BTU and the air conditioner that can be carried easily.


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  • In your room this machine will bring steady forceful breeze of harmonious temperature which will make you comfortable.
  • You have the ability to turn this on and off and a choice to put it in sleep mode with a sophisticated timer even if you are away from your home.
  • You can smoothly slip out a filter that you can freely wash to bring in new and cool air easily.
  • The best thing in this device is that it is operated with computerized controls and a beautiful electronic LED display. It is comprised with a handy window apparatus that you can put together quickly .
  • This is designed with no bucket that brings in cold air in a quiet motion and an optional mode to choose fan and dehumidifier.

4. EdgeStar AP14001HS Air Conditioner Heater

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  • You can set the time you want to program this unit 14,000 BTU which means that, you can control it remotely to turn it on before you even arrive to your house. In addition you can also set the built-in thermostat to the temperature you desired from 61 to 89 fahrenheit.
  • It is easy to vent this machine if you choose to do so. It includes an easy procedure to follow so that you can put this together easily and quickly.
  • It is always important to know how great this can bring heat to your home. You will be happy because this machine can warm a room with a size up to 400 to 525 square feet. This is perfect for rooms with this dimension.
  • You can also use this machine not only as an air conditioner but also as a heater that will give you all throughout the year convenience. This can only warm a space smaller than what the air conditioner system can make it cool.

5. View LG Portable Air Conditioner Heater Combo

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  • You can use this LG Electronics LP1414SHR machine uninterruptedly because you don’t have to worry about removing the water all the time. With its sophisticated automatic technology, it lets the water disappear.
  • This machine can warm a room with a size up to 600 square feet. You don’t have to worry because it can start to operate if you have an outlet for electricity of 115 volt.
  • If you are looking for a dehumidifier aside from these heating and cooling functions, this machine has it. It can reach to dehumidify around 3.4 pints per hour.
  • It has a unique pump for a heating mechanism that you can switch to warm a room space. It is equipped with digital touch remote control and LCD window panel.


1. You Will Save Money

You need something to make your room warm during the cold season and to give your home some cold air in summer days. Instead of spending two machines to use them in those days, you will only pay for one machine that does both. It is very practical to make this choice!

2. It Will Make Your Life Easier

Isn’t inconvenient to be having two machines that do the heating and cooling separately? You don’t have to be getting your heater and air conditioner back and forth from your storage in summer or winter.

You will have the easiness of turning it on in one single unit to perform what you needed in a particular time. The discomfort of transporting it from one place to another is eliminated.

3. It Is Accessible And Manageable

Don’t you like to have a single device that you can just do the maintenance in one place? If you have two separate machines heater and an air conditioner, chances are if one of them got malfunctioned you have to locate the place to have it fixed.

If something broke inside, it will be inconvenient for you to drive from one place to another. It is a waste of time and money! To get some parts fixed like for example, change the filter or replace a piece, it will be easier if you have it in one device. It is much practical and time saver!

4. You Will Have Clean Air

Have you ever experience in your house a situation where, when you breath it seems that the air is humid and heavy? If you have this air conditioner heater combo you will have a continuous clean and healthy air circulating in every room of your house.

Wouldn’t you love to always inhale a pure air? As much as it feels good it will also make your body healthy.

5. It Is Secure

Sometimes problems occur when operating the heater or air conditioner separately. It could be that a spare part will break or an interior part will not operate properly.

Whatever it is it could be a big problem to handle. Having this air conditioner heater combo, you will eliminate these possible obstacles that could occur.



  • What will you do if you get one device that heats your room in the winter? You felt comfortable and warm, then months pass by summer comes, this machine is no longer useful. You have to make sure that this machine does both ways, to cool your room during summer days and to heat your room in winter time.
  • It is not good to breathe a polluted air. Wouldn’t you love to be in your house inhaling fresh air? This machine will help cleanse the air in your home but does not meticulously purifies the air.
  • Make sure that when you turn on the cooling system it dries away the humidity in the air. This can be discharged through evaporation. Another way to get it back is through vent or pipelines.


Before shopping for the device air conditioner with a heater in one unit, you have to check out their BTU. What is BTU? This means British Thermal Unit. It is the amount of thermal energy.

If your machine does not have the desired BTU, it can not produce enough energy to make your room cooler. In addition, the time to cool a room will take longer. In the summertime, the machine will work poorly to produce cooler air.

If we put a big amount of BTU in the room, the air will be so dry and weak. It is really important to know the measurement of BTU that the machine can handle in a particular room size. This way, it will exactly produce the air that will fit the size of the room.

This concept of BTU explains much clearly like this. When you eliminate thermal energy, the room becomes cooler but if you produce thermal energy, your room turns out to be warmer.

It is important to know the BTU in the air conditioner with heater machine that you are going to get. You have to figure out the size of square feet of your room so that you can compare it to the machine that you are going to buy.

Below are some suggestions of rough BTU estimates that you can consider before getting your air conditioner with heater combo machines.

  • For a 200 square feet room, you need 8000 BTU’s
  • For a 250 square feet room, you need 9000 BTU’s
  • For a 300 square feet room, you need 10,000 BTU’s
  • For a 350 square feet room, you need 11,000 BTU’s

For those rooms that are dark, just take out 10% for the cooling specification and if the room is full of light, you have to put on 10% for the cooling specification.


The next thing you have to do is to find out how the machine spreads the hot air. Air can pass through a window pipe, wall duct or drop through the ceiling. In addition, you should also know how to deal with the condensed humidity. When choosing a device always seek for a machine that has either a moister dispenser with a pump or a kind that evaporates by itself.

Some machines have many ways to preserve its ability to operate but this self-evaporating kind doesn’t need any type of conservation. It has the capacity to discharge precipitation towards the atmosphere to preserve a consistent humidity.


The last things you want to know before getting your machine is to find out if it is noisy when you start operating it. That would be a sleepless night if your machine produces a lot of noise when you turned it on. Make sure to check how noisy or quiet it is.


When picking the right machine for you, it is important also to consider what model is best that would suit your needs. You will find that some of them have costly price tags but considering the quality and its durability, it is worth an investment.

Most of them have very sophisticated features like remote controls, digital LED display, and other important elements. Right now some models have a dehumidifier which is very useful in decreasing moisture levels in the air of your home. It will also help prevent mildew, dust, mold, pollen, etc. from lingering in your house which will cause allergies.

Finding out the best and preferred brand is worth doing. Most of the time, these brand name machines have outstanding performances than those that are just new and upcoming models. They are excellent, strong and dependable. Moreover, they won’t give you any trouble and will last long.

Make sure also that they offer warranties. If some parts have faults at least you are covered with replacements that will not give you additional expenses. It is important to know also how to avoid unexpected hazards using the machine. For this reason, you have to make sure that they have safety guidelines to follow if things go wrong.


You are probably so excited to get right away your air conditioner with heater combo. Knowing all the great benefits that it could provide to your home, you will probably get it without checking if the machine is favorable or not to the climate where you are located.

Some machines cannot perform very well if the temperature outside to bring in the air to your room is not in the right condition. This will affect the ability on how it will operate throughout the year.

However, some devices can function very well even if the weather condition is cooler outside. It depends on the type of machine and how it can operate at the given temperature in your area.

These lists above are very important to consider before purchasing your machine. It is a must!


You may probably be wondering how does the exchange of hot and cool air functions. When I was studying how this whole thing works, I was amazed at the simplicity of how this machine function. To explain to you in the simplest way, this machine draws hot air as part of the cooling operation.

This hot air is released regularly in the area that is being transformed to be cold. This then is being drawn throughout a hose and can be released through a window, sliding mirror portal or divider. Most of the time when you buy this air conditioner with heater combo, you will see that it arrives with the tube and the pieces needed.


Sometimes we are wondering if the machine that we will get should have a single or double exhaust hose to draw out hot air and to bring in the air to produce a cold breeze. Some brands come with both combinations. Let us talk about it and find out what is the difference of each.

The Single Hose Unit

It is very interesting to know how this works. Basically, it operates by bringing in air from the room and making it cold. Then the larger part of the air is being pushed into space. A small quantity of this air will be applied to ventilate the machine.

Then this air will be drawn out and will pass through the exhaust hose. It will generate a minute scale of adverse air pressure because it uses air inside to refresh the machine’s air pump.

The Double Hose Unit

This kind of machine with the two hose unit brings in air from the room and makes it cold then release it back. During this process, usually, the machine becomes warm.

At this point, the hose draws in air from outside to refresh the machine from getting hot where the air is forced out through another exhaust hose. This process of making the air cooler does not allow adverse pressure like the one with the single hose.


When preparing your machine to work, your window or door is also a good part to be able to add the hose. Always be aware that the supplies that go with the window kit may not align with the sliding glass door. If that is the case you can put something durable to fill up the gap.


Do you use screens in your windows? Well, of course, why not if, at summer time, a lot of insects or bugs come flying around. Will that be a problem if you get an air conditioner with heater machine? It is not going to be a problem because while the machine vents out the heat, the hose does not extend out from the window. The heating or cold system will not be affected.

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In conclusion, placing this portable air conditioner heater combo machine in your home will absolutely make your environment a comfortable place to live, economical and convenient. What else are you waiting for? Get one and buy now!

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